Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly dry the same day, fully dry within 24 hours. 

For carpet, just wear clean shoes or slippers in the house. 
For upholstery, lay towels where you’re sitting or try to avoid using the furniture. 

If you’d like to speed up this process, increase the heat and circulation in the room.

Yes! Anywhere with an electrical outlet and water source. We are fully equipped with commercial grade portable equipment. 


Smells that are coming from the carpet pad or sub-floor are impossible to reach without removal. Occasionally we work with carpenters to clean the underside of the carpet and pad, but it is usually most economical to seek replacement at this point. Common causes of this type of severe damage include: flood, animal neglect or house abandonment. That being said, our enzyme cleaner and standard formula can fix the vast majority of smelly situations. 

Stains that are caused by food, dirt and feces are surprisingly easy to remove with our equipment. Paint, nail polish and actual carpet damage due to wear and/or burns are the most difficult or even impossible imperfections to remedy. Take care of your carpet, clean it regularly (6 months to a year) and apply scotch-guard to protect your carpet before the damage is irreversible. 

We’re constantly checking out the competition and updating our pricing to beat theirs.
That being said, if you find lower prices anywhere, we’ll match them (and then update our prices to stay competitive).  


We carry Square branded debit machines if you’re home, and if you’re not, we can send a payment link to your email!

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Send it to:, feel free to send pictures of your carpet/upholstery too!